UGEARS models are inspired by the real word machines and historical mechanisms.

Some models have their own modern analogs, while the others are versions of the

devices from the past. Components are easy to use and you should simply remove them

from the packaging. You don’t need anything to assembly our models: no glue and no chemicals.

We develop and produce our Ugears mechanical 3D puzzles of high quality and ecological plywood.

Thanks to the high precision design and manufacture quality all the details can be easily transformed

into a model. One of the ways to connect parts of our models, allowing you to assemble the whole puzzle 

without glue, is our patented invention. Each model is not just a construction kit, but a certain idea

integrated in the process of construction. The operation mode of the gearwheel structure sparks interest

and delight. We have got more than twenty exciting models and we keep working to create new devices.